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First Click provides professional marketing services to growing companies focused on:

  1. Revenue Growth;

  2. New Market Opportunities;

  3. Developing a Valuable Online Community.

You can expect our talented team to embrace your Brand and translate the passion, story, and value proposition of your products/services into effective online campaigns.

Clients hire us for our track record and keep us for our creativity and value.

-Jacques Habra, Founder First Click

Please review our services below and reach out if you have any questions.



First Analysis™

Our proprietary First Analysis™ research and report will provide the clarity to formulate your marketing campaign within your budget parameters.


Website Development

Our founder, Jacques Habra, launched one of the first Web development agencies in the United States in the mid-1990s. The company, Web Elite, became the lead online vendor for Sun Microsystems, ESPN, Hewlett Packard Research, and Car and Driver magazine.  We build on that 25-year foundation of experience, technique, and creativity to produce stunning and functional Web sites.


Search Engine

First Click’s unique SEO model will allow search engines to better index your site and connect you with target customers.


Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing campaigns leverage the demographic, psychographic profile of your target market to achieve measurable results.


Pay Per Click

We find the golden nuggets of PPC Adwords marketing that achieve a high ROI with a low cost per click.


Conversion Rate Optimization

First Click uses heatmaps, A-B testing, and specially curated best practices to increase the conversion of a visitor into a customer or lead.


Brand Development

With our core expertise in communications, we ask the right questions and analyze the market place so that your company, products, and services are represented in the best way possible.


Link Building Campaigns

Successful link building begins with great research and engaging content development. Our team of experts have produced thousands of content campaigns and recorded tens of thousands inbound links.


Email Marketing

We offer stunning email campaigns with responsive design, effective conversion rates, and helpful behavioral analytical data through our e-mail tracking platforms.


Marketing Consulting

We believe effective online marketing must blend compelling website design with engaging call to action and scientifically proven on-site search optimization. We have the experience and track record to help you put the entire online marketing plan together.



No retail company would invest in a new storefront and then strand it in an obscure location. But Jacques Habra, general manager of FirstClickSEO, said plenty of companies essentially do just that with heir Web sites.

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