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About Us

First Click is an online marketing agency led by a talented team of creative and engineering professionals delivering the highest quality Web site development, SEO, SEM, and content strategy services.

Since 2007, First Click has achieved top ten rankings and substantially increased target market online traffic for virtually every client project across a wide range of industries and disciplines. First Click strives to be on the cutting edge of SEO and Online Marketing by researching the latest trends and best practices; so that we provide the most effective marketing for our clients as well as provide the most knowledgeable analysis and consultation.

First Click Inc operates with the highest level of transparency and ethics according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. First Click assures interested parties that we are interested in building long-term partnerships with clients based on trust and value; this simply requires integrity and that’s what is to be expected when working with First Click.

First Click is composed of industry professionals with a combined 90 years experience in technology and online marketing.  There is no B group, you always get the best talent when working with the First Click team.

Get to know us!

Meet the key First Click Team Members


Samantha Huntley

Client Relations Manager

Headshot of Joe Kirby

Joe Kirby

Web Engineer

Summers McKay

Summers Mckay


Kevin Griffith

SEO Developer

Are you an online marketing  or SEO expert looking to join an awesome team of professionals that love making clients happy? Contact First Click Inc Today! Let us know!