Online Marketing Resource

Online Marketing Resource

Online marketing is a broad, voluminous universe that continues to grow and change. Search engines and social media giants continually update their algorithms and best practices which affects the strategy of any business owner seeking visibility online. First Click provides the complete cadre of services from branding to SEO to analytics managements so that your company achieves results.

As a help to your online marketing research, we have assembled a comprehensive list of resources so you can learn more about the space and advance your education. When you’re ready to chat, please contact us!

In the meantime, enjoy these online marketing resources.


Advertising/Marketing Resources

Make the most of your online marketing and advertising dollars with these proven tools.


  1. Adwords. One of the most popular forms of search engine marketing on the web.  Adwords places ads on Google searches based on keyphrase selection.
  2. Review Me. If used as a linkbuilding strategy, these reviews of your products, offers, or services from highly valued bloggers can become a valuable strategic asset. Get seen by top bloggers, increase traffic.
  3. Adbrite. This is commonly known as affiliate marketing matching advertisers and publishers of content.  The company serves impressions on over 100,000 sites a day.


SEO Tools

First Click has a specialty in search engine optimization… these resources are not to be missed.  Our First Analysis product includes all of the assets in this resource list and more.


  1. Google Webmaster Tools. Hands down the industry standard when it comes to search engines.  The tools help you stay in compliance and get optimized.
  2. Search Engine Rankings Checker. Curious about your current rankings.  This tool will help you out.
  3. Rank Checker Firefox Add-on. Stay on top of your rankings with this handy tool.
  4. WordTracker. Knowing the right keyphrases to target is critical to successful SEO.
  5. Online SEO Tools – The Ultimate Collection. Search Engine Journal provides this awesome list for a successful SEO campaign.


Discussion Forums

The online Community is very helpful.  Get started with these links.


  1. Webmaster-Talk. Webmaster Talk goes over best practices of SEO, hosting, and a variety of other Web management services.
  2. WordPress. Chances are you will be blogging, so get to know the #1 blog resource community.
  3. DesignersTalk. This forum is primarily focused on design with a few additional topics like advertising and SEO.
  4. Web Design Forum. Various topics from good online design to advanced marketing techniques.

AdWords Certification

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