First Analysis

First Analysis

First Click Inc. developed a sophisticated model, First Analysis™, to fully understand how your target market uses and socializes online. First Analysis™ considers the following Stream of binary numbers going through a pop-upkeypoints:

How your competition is marketing online

  • What key phrases does your target market search to find you?
    SEO involves key phrases to allow search engines to pinpoint whether your site is the right choice for what the person is searching. Implementing unique phrases will allow search engines to better promote your site as opposed to others.
  • How large is the marketplace you are after?
    In this case, size does matter. The larger the size of your marketplace the more involved and engaged your company will need to be with your audience. If your marketplace is smaller in size, it is key to place attention on quality and quantity of the content in order to attract more users.
  • What social media platforms are currently catering to your market?
    Unfortunately we cannot just sign up for every social media platform and start campaigning your company right away. Specific marketplaces require certain social media sites that may not work for every business. But don’t worry, our experts know which platforms will allow your site to have the most success.

First Analysis™ will provide the clarity to formulate your marketing campaign within your budget parameters. In addition, we know you will have confidence that your approach will be the most viable because the decisions we make are based on empirical data as well as years of in depth industry knowledge.

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