With Your Business In Mind

Our Social Media Marketing Process

First Click’s social media marketing campaigns are purpose driven to complete your goals. By using the market data we gather on your target demographic, we ensure that every ad is successful. At each stage of the process, we set up tools to track and collect data on the results. Using this information, we can develop new ads for A/B testing. These marketing techniques optimize every step for increased effectiveness. We will help you create captivating advertisements. 

Create Captivating Advertisements

Reach Target Demographic

Test & Gather Data

Optimize for Effectiveness

Conversion Funnels That Perform

Well designed conversion funnels can achieve any goal. 

To feed the funnel, we leverage all relevant social media sites. We start by posting engaging content that increases your likes, shares, and followers. Then, we begin sharing content that is specific to your conversion goal. Promoting your most valuable content with paid advertising ensures it gets seen. It also increases your reach beyond your regular, attentive audience. Developing active followers is the key to a successful social media marketing campaign. 

Next, we optimize your selling point through remarketing. Remarketing means you advertise to your audience depending on what they have reacted to in the past. The ads tailor to their tastes, much in the same way that Amazon does on their homepage. You only see things you might buy. Remarketing the most efficient way to increase conversions and reduce wasted money

Though straightforward, creating an effective conversion funnel is a delicate art. It is a continuous process of refining your audience for maximized conversions. It also involves optimizing your call-to-actions and A/B testing new ads. All while continuing to grow your social media accounts to feed the conversion funnel.

Explore the case study below to see how we used our methods to boost the business of Pelican Alaska, an Alaskan fishing lodge. The optimizing and marketing we did only took six months and had tremendous results. Our methodologies simply work.

Social Media Marketing Case Study



Instagram is best for sharing images and engaging users



Pinterest tailors to curated content and consumer products


Other Social Media

Other social media sites are best used according to your needs

We boosted the business of Pelican Alaska using these social media websites. First Click took over managing all their social media profiles early in the year. We converted all their content into share-worthy posts. In only six months, we were able to build them a thriving social media following across all platforms. First Click's methods were fundamental to their incredible success online.

That year Pelican Alaska earned more than they ever had and were able to book out every room in their lodge. Digital marketing is the most powerful and cost-effective strategy to grow your business.

Each social media site works better for certain industries. Which is why we didn't use Google+ or LinkedIn for this particular client. In this case, there would have been no benefit to using them. However, when it is applicable, we do use these and many other social media sites with our clients. Especially in conjunction with SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. Spreading content across the internet helps Google's algorithm favor your website. Then it will outrank all the competition and become the first thing people click.

Feel free to explore our case study below to get a sense of how First Click helped Pelican Alaska. We can help you use social media marketing to do the same for your business.