Twitter is an excellent site to build a loyal following of engaged users. However, this social media platform requires careful curation to find the right audience. With this tool, you can find and invite the perfect audience to follow you. This increases engagement, and ultimately makes your SEO campaign stronger.

Hello and welcome to the First Click, Inc. podcast where we talk about different strategies that work with SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.


Today we’re going to talk about social media marketing and the tool that we found that works pretty well for getting Twitter followers and also promoting your content through Twitter. This might be a tool that people already know about, but for those of you who don’t I think this is a very great tool that you should be using.

The tool’s called ManageFlitter. What it does is it lets you follow people in bulk. Not just anybody, but people who are related to your industry. If you have an industry that’s in SEO, or you’re interested in SEO, then you can go to ManageFlitter and type in SEO and either search through people’s bios, or you can search through people who are talking about either the hashtag or they’re just talking about it in their tweets. What it will do is it will put a whole list together and you can add all these people to your process later queue.

What your process later queue is Twitter lets you add followers that you want to follow later so you don’t have to do it right then, but it lets you add a bunch at once. Say there’s 6,000 people right now talking about SEO. You add all of those people to your process later, then you can go through that queue and you can either choose to follow certain people or not. All you have to do is just click them and they’re all lined up so you can choose, “Ok, yes, yes, yes, and, no, no, no, yes, yes.” This works pretty efficiently.

Now how I would do this is only follow 200-300 per day. You don’t want to follow more than that. It honestly does not take that long to do this. That’s what’s so great about it. All you have to do is literally just click the button a bunch of times and it will tell you, “Okay, you just followed 200 people in a number count,” and then you can choose whether you want to follow more or not. Like I said, I only follow usually about 200-300 per day.

Twitter followers

This is a paid feature, I believe. If you want to do this I think you have to pay about ten buck a month, but this is such a great deal it’s totally worth it. This is what I do. I will actually pin one of my most important tweets to the top of my Twitter, like this podcast,, which is our podcast, and it actually comes with an embed so people can just click on that and start listening to it through the play button. It usually gets a bunch of re-tweets and likes because what happens is when they see that somebody named SEOChase followed them they’ll actually go to that name, to my name, because they’re interested in SEO and they’ll check out what I got. Usually they’ll just check out the first couple tweets, so you want to make sure that the stuff you’re promoting is your pinned tweet. Very important; make sure you pin your tweet before you do this.

Another thing is if you’re going to be following a bunch of people you also want to make sure you don’t have too many people you’re following. If people are seeing that you’re following 2,000 people, but you only have 1,000 followers, it’s going to look kind of strange. Make sure that you don’t do that. How you do this is you go to your… Instead of you go to the followers in ManageFlitter you go to unfollow. It’s a little tab next to the followers. It will let you see all the people who aren’t following you back and you can add them to a process queue that will process them later. When you’re ready you just click on that and you can just click all of them in a row and unfollow all of those people simultaneously. For that you only want to unfollow 100-200 people per day. This also really depends on how many followers you already have. Some people suggest that you actually should buy 10,000 followers off of Fiver. I don’t think you need to do that, but you can if you want.

The other thing I wanted to mention is if you’re going to be looking up really important hashtags… Say you want to find people who are talking about SEO, but maybe people are also talking about social media, but you don’t know what they’re talking about because it could either be social media, it could be social media marketing, it could be SMM… Go to and it will tell you all the top hashtags.

That’s pretty much it for this podcast. Hopefully this is going to help you guys get some more Twitter followers and promote your content. For the next blab, or the next podcast, I will probably be talking about a Google plugin that I actually use that kind of does the same thing as ManageFlitter, but it’s for Google followers. Anyways, thanks for staying tuned for this podcast and we will see you next time.