BIOPAC Systems Inc.



E-Commerce Based Case Study

BIOPAC Systems, Inc.

First Click Services:

  • German website development

Client Goals:

  • Further develop online brand/web presence
  • International success
  • Increase sales
  • Increase user engagement

Action Items:

  • Manage external SEO assets (social media, blogs, etc.)
  • Monitor external linking
  • Optimize on-site SEO
  • Actively distinguish and promote industry’s recommended keywords
  • Youtube video promotions/optimizations
  • Develop a German version of website/brand
  • Consistently increase online visibility

Results & Metrics (1 year):

  • Organic search traffic increased 33%
    (average 7,000+ new organic Visitors monthly)
  • Organic search traffic new visitors increased 40%
    (6,000+ monthly)


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green arrow33%
(+7,000 Monthly
Organic Visitors)

BIOPAC's Santa Barbara Online Marketing Visits

green arrow40%
(+6,000 Monthly
New Visitors)

BIOPAC New Visitors

“First Click is a valuable part of our online marketing team…we trust our funds are spent well and our goals are being reached.”

Jocelyn Kremer – Director of Marketing

BIOPAC Systems Director of Online Marketing