Search Engine Optimization

Think of your Website and other online assets as library books in the world’s largest, most complex library on planet earth. The job of SEO is to make sure your book, and the right pages, appear for your target market when they search, socialize, or shop. Proper SEO first begins with the design of a compelling website based on effective and accurate research – The First Analysis – to determine the best set of keyphrases to target. From there, the on-site SEO consists of adding titles, headers, descriptions, and other critical optimization tags to ensure the site will be indexed in the library AKA the search engine correctly.  Building links to that well indexed Site is a further phase of the online marketing process.

First Click SEO Process:

  • Discover niche keywords and key phrases that are actively being searched for by your target market.
  • Create relevant, interesting, and captivating content that your audience will want to share.
  • Optimize your website with your keywords to gain the attention of the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is the process of receiving traffic to your website through organic search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When users type a keyword into their chosen search engine, the engine runs applies an always evolving algorithm and brings the most relevant website with the data that the user was most likely looking for. Many different aspects are taken into consideration when your website is tested by Google, but in order for your site to get the right exposure you must make sure that your page titles, meta-descriptions, and content is properly optimized for your keywords.

Case Studies