A while back I was told by a very successful family member to start creating to do lists. That being said, I didn’t realize how important they were until just recently. In this post I will briefly explain 5 reasons why I found it very beneficial to create a SEO to do list and why I think you should too.

Reason 1: Creating Lists Increases Efficiency

Personally, I have a lot going on in my mind. Ever since I started my SEO to do list I realized how much more I can get done without being bogged down by all of my thoughts. If I were to make an estimated guess on how much more SEO I’ve been able to do since I created my list, I would say I’ve improved about 100 percent.increase seo efficiency

Reason 2: You Turn Your Thoughts into Reality

I see a lot of people in the SEO, SEM, and SMM world talk the talk but not walk the walk. By creating a list, I stop thinking about all the things I should be doing and start creating action items I can pursue in the near future.

Reason 3: You Make Room For New Ideas

After I started creating lists with action items, I soon realized that I didn’t have to remember everything for a later time. Relieved, I realized I could start brainstorming new ideas since I already had the other ones written down!

Reason 4: Your Lists Are Great For Client Reports

When you are part of an agency that has to deal with various clients, they like to see the list of items that you will take action on and what you are going to accomplish in the future. By creating these SEO to do lists, you have developed a solid strategy on how to take your client’s business to the next level of online marketing.

Reason 5: You See The Progress Your Making

Before creating my SEO to do lists I knew I was getting things done however, because I did so many different things I couldn’t remember it all. Now I get the satisfaction of looking at my lists and seeing how well I did. Also, it feels wonderful checking things off the list and even helps me feel less anxious.


Do you already have a SEO to do list? What’s your reason for creating a list? Tweet me @SEO_Chase and let me know your thoughts.