With SEO becoming more and more important as we move into the second half of 2016, I’d like to share with you 5 reasons why you should start teaching SEO to further improve your expertise.

Reason 1: Teaching Reinforces What You Know

reinforce your SEO knowledge by teaching

Some of my best ideas have come through teaching other people. I spend a lot of time reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching tutorials on YouTube or Udemy and can only remember so much. As soon as I begin teaching what I know, I start to remember material I’ve learned in the past, which I will then begin to implement into my own strategy after seeing the benefits it can provide for someone else.

Reason 2: You Get More Stoke! monkey super excited about learning SEO

This is how I look at SEO implementation: 40 percent knowledge, 20 percent creativity, and 40 percent stoke! When I am working on the search engine optimization of a new site that is not interesting to me, I generally will not get as great of results. This is because I need someone else to be stoked as well about their progress and rankings. Generally, if a client is paying for their marketing, I feel they should also be excited about their results! When people don’t show emotions for the progress of their online business, it’s a lot tougher to maintain a high level of enthusiasm as well. One of the best ways to supplement more stoke is by teaching someone what you know and what you think will help their SEO, SEM, and SMM campaign.

Reason 3: You’re Contributing to OthersI honestly couldn't tell you

Ever heard the saying, “you don’t get to keep what you have until you give it away?”  I feel the same is true for teaching. Whenever I make the effort to teach others internet marketing, I start to feel like what I’m doing is making a difference in someone’s life. Of course, marketing implementation for clients makes a difference in their businesses, but when I give my knowledge away I noticeably learn at a faster pace.

Reason 4: When You Teach, People Are More Likely to Hire You teaching equals money

A great example of this is when I first started to use Blab to market the SEO skills that I had obtained. I went on there mainly to share my knowledge with others and help them with their websites or SEO. After a short amount of time, I started getting tweets from people asking to hire me for SEO, social media marketing, and web design.  The most important aspect of this story is that because my clients had already trusted me to teach them, they were more willing to pay me to implement my knowledge for their business.

Reason 5: Teaching is a Lot of Fun

almost as smuch fun as a water slide

I don’t know about you, but I love feedback! When I start teaching I usually experience people telling me what they do or do not like about the knowledge I’m offering them. This helps me refine what I know and question whether what I’m saying is something I really believe in or not. Another great aspect of teaching is when beginner SEO’s start to come to me for information. I get so “stoked”when people send me a tweet or a message on LinkedIn asking me a question about a post I’ve made.

Send me a tweet why you think teaching SEO is important @SEO_Chase and I might feature your comment at the bottom of this article.