Quality over quantity applies to a lot of things in life – especially social media marketing. You may think that the key to a successful campaign is to gain as many followers on your profiles as possible, but that’s not the case. Don’t get me wrong, having a substantial amount of fans is important, but your main focus needs to be on serving the needs of your current followers. After all, what good is a profile with ten thousand followers that has no engagement?

SAY NO to Purchased Followers

Before we cover the basics on how to improve your social media engagement, let’s cover the reasons why your should not succumb to purchasing Buying into online purchase scamsfollowers for your profiles. You may be tempted to click the magic button that gives you thousand of fans overnight, but it can definitely do more harm than good:

  • It can harm your brand’s moral image within social media (current followers or competitors can use tools to see how many fake/non-active accounts follow you)
  • It can put your account at risk of deactivation
  • A large number of fake followers is useless for social media engagement (people will see that your have 10,000 followers but very little post engagement)
  • Many fake profiles can be associated with scams that could hurt your current followers, etc.

Now that you understand the consequences of purchasing followers, let’s work on boosting your social media engagement!

  1. Share a wide variety of useful content with your followers:

    Social Media is not a place for promotion. The content that First Click's social media post exampleyou put out should be valuable to your customer. Fill their newsfeed with the latest industry trends, how to or tip articles that are related to your industry, original and sourced blog content, etc. Find a clever way to tie it back to your product, but not necessarily shoving a “BUY ME” sign in their face. Your followers are more likely to comment, like, and share content that is useful to themselves and their social bubbles. It makes perfect sense – present them with content that benefits their lives, they click.

  2. Your social media audience loves visuals:

    Posts that feature photo or video content are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. Facebook Video, and the newly released Twitter Video, are all the rage in social media marketing. These auto-play videos instantly grab the consumers attention as they conduct their daily downtime scroll through the newsfeed. Facebook executives envisioned the newsfeed to resemble a Harry Potter newspaper where the content comes to life before your eyes. Go ahead, wave your social media engagement wand and add a little magic to your campaign with Facebook Video!

  3. Ask your followers thought provoking questions:

    Keep in mind that your audience can become easily irritated when prompted to purchase your product several times – and even more irritated when asked about something they already own… Don’t fill their newsfeed with boring survey questions to review your products. Instead ask them questions about the latest news, trends or current events within your industry. Simply ask for their opinion and let them start the conversation. It is crucial, however, that you dedicate time to constructing personable responses to each comment.

As you continue to generate a buzz with your new social media engagement strategies, your brand will gain exposure and organic profile likes will start rolling in. What are you waiting for – start engaging today!