Big cube surrounded by smaller cubesIn the technology world, everyone wants to upgrade to the latest and greatest model. When the iPhone came out in 2007, it wasn’t long after that people were already anticipating the release of the 4, 4s, 5 and so on. If we are all so concerned about being up to date on the latest models of technology, then we should all be ecstatic about the iPhone 6’s impact on the SEO and social media marketing world, right?

The current generation has often been criticized for the apparent addiction to online social networking sites. For years platforms such as MySpace and Facebook were viewed as disruptive and many parents misunderstood their purpose. However, this addiction is far from negative, in fact, Millennials have revolutionized the act of networking and expanded the horizon of online marketing. Social Media allows a connection of businesses and consumers like never before. As these networks continue to expand with over 1 billion users, it would be brand suicide, or in other terms “social suicide,” not to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities in this new media realm.

Social media has massive influence over a company’s reputation by increasing engagement and creating a more personal connection between the business and consumer.


Content is KEY.

As social media marketing experts, when developing a campaign strategy, our first step is to really get to know your target audience. It is crucial to present interesting, valuable content that your target audience is going to relate to and want to read. Nobody will be interested to click on links if the content serves no relevance to their needs or desires. After identifying who your market is as far as age, interests, and consumer needs, we develop content that is directed toward that audience and keep in mind the type of language that you use. When creating a post, always begin with a line that is going to grab the consumers attention with something that is relatable to their life.

Humans are, and always will be, very visual beings. In the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report(Source), it can be noted that over 60% of marketers use visually inclined content. The progressive generations are known for extreme multitasking, thus, easy to read, attention-grabbing content is key. Images, videos, and infographics are the perfect way to reel in your audience and get them to read your content.


Engagement is KEY.

Multi Platform Social Media EngagementThe most important and sometimes challenging part is getting these busy consumers to engage with your campaign, which is then going to increase your social media presence and ultimately, your conversion rates. As social media marketing experts, we have the solution. The secret to increasing engagement is to begin a post with a question or opportunity for your audience to interact with you as the company or even with other fellow consumers. This engagement will generate an online buzz, which will then draw attention to your page and lock down those conversions.


Analytics are KEY.

After creating the content that lays the path for maximum engagement, it is crucial to take a look at the data after the campaign is underway. Analyzing the audience that is engaging with your posts is important to note any changes to the predicted demographic that is being targeted. Analytics also provide useful insight to what is working, and what is not. We can see whether some topics generate more buzz than others or whether receive more engagement in the morning versus the afternoon. By taking time to review these statistics, the content strategy can be adjusted to better suit the audience that is engaging.

The combination of these key metrics in social media marketing will get you the attention you deserve and boost traffic to your company. Social media marketing has become the most effective way to interact with consumers and drive business to your website. We all know how it feels to be that one person in the room with the older version of the iPhone, or any technology for that matter. Don’t sit there and let others get a hold of the newest models in marketing before you, take charge and let First Click provide you with the latest and greatest in marketing strategy.