Social Media’s SEO Importance

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Social Media SEO | Importance to Marketing Campaign

As companies and businesses focus their attention ever greatly towards online marketing and SEO, search engines turn their own attention to social media. Using social media outlets to promote business, conferences, local activities, news, events, etc…, will lead more traffic back to the website and increasing brand exposure. Using social media is also a great way to become easily accessible for every consumer and potential consumer. Social may not help drastically in sales, but this will improve customer service, loyalty and brand image.

Use of multiple social media profiles is essential in developing a strong network in which to market business. Here are  tips for certain platforms and their importance:

Google +

Now the reason that this tops the social media SEO list is due to that this social media platform is owned by Google. google plus logoWith that follows the placement of the profile in a higher position inside the search results. This profile should be fully optimized with website link, contact information, hours, and business details. Make sure the profile is fully complete and positioned correctly in the suitable business category (i.e. retail, restaurant, finance, etc…). Once that is complete have a strong consistency of posting. Google Plus posts should be based around primarily business and marketing. This is where postings of current company news, upcoming promotions, reviews, etc… Making a strong Google + presence will lead to further people being able to locate the business. Needed is a Gmail account to create a page or “Places” or “Business” page, after which Google will send a postcard to verify the business and give control over the page.


The most popular social media tools available currently. Yet, it goes underutilized as an SEO and marketing tool. facebook logoAlways make sure you have a complete profile and have it optimized for the correct business category. When posting, remember how many people use Facebook; posts have to be eye catching or else it will get lost in the shuffle of Facebook’s News Feed. The most engaging content tends to be photos, videos, polls, quotes and intriguing questions. Limit the wording, the current Facebook reading public doesn’t extend too much of an attention span to every post in their News Feed. Make your business page more personal; include photos of inner workings, satisfied customers, promotions, upcoming events, etc…. Remember to place the website’s backlink in a majority of the posts, this will help in directing Facebook users to the site. Facebook posting should stay highly consistent, aiming around 4-8 posts a week.

Twittertwitter bird

Twitter is designed to be a conversational and live news feed. Everything posted on here should be short and forward about whatever topic is being conversed. Give up-to-date news and short posts to garner conversation, hashtags can spread and begin to trend quickly #FACT. This tool is mainly used to drive traffic to websites and blogs. It can be great for populating your RSS Feed on your website and blog. Remember once again the profile needs to be complete and optimized for the proper business.


Now this social media platform is consistently ignored, yet it is very powerful. After Google, youtube logoYouTube is the second highest search engine used today. Creating small videos with any type of video recording device can help greatly in driving traffic to the site and business. YouTube results get ranked high in Google’s Search Results due to the popularity of the site and as a subsidiary. YouTube videos are simple to upload and can be a highly engaging mean of marketing. Creating videos of business developments, employee vignettes, entertaining commercials, and company promotions/events can mean even more eyes on the actual product offering. Remember to optimize each video with proper use of tags, title, description, annotations, and conversation.


LinkedIn is often viewed as a social media site to help you find your next job or network with your old collegelinkedin logo friends. However, this platform goes far beyond career searching and plays a large part in B2B marketing. With 101 million users, including executives for almost every fortune 500 company, LinkedIn has become a community of business minded individuals. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to share information about your company and its services to a direct market of users that joined the platform for the sole purpose of bettering their company. LinkedIn is highly underestimated and is the best facilitator for B2B marketing strategy.

Optional Social Media Outlets:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Reddit
  • Plus many more

The aspect of social media management can be a daunting task. But, it can become manageable if broken down and schedule properly. We at First Click Inc spend a great deal of time setting dates and times when certain content should be posted. Keeping consistence with the ideas and concepts discussed, there will be noticeable trends in notoriety and consumer reach. Interested in developing social media assets to improve your websites performance? First Click Inc can help.

I am interested in Social Media Integration.

Optimizing Your Website’s SEO

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The foundation to all of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the development of a website. By creating a site that has a great and seamless user experience that also communicates efficiently with search engines about the sites attentions will provide rank on every search engine. Now before moving on to the multiple layers of SEO, start off with the core structure. Creating a blog, using social media, creating advertisements, and link building needs to be put to the side, for now the focus is on creating and optimizing a website. Here are basic tips on how to optimize your site. Remember what search engines are looking for when they rank site.

Content:organic blog content logo

Create organic content that is interesting for the audience. It is the utmost importance to remember to develop content with sincerity and purpose. Do not push out content that is lackluster and trivial for the audience. This will lead to people disliking the content, spending minimal time on the website and bouncing off back to the search engines or other sites. Also, remember the target keywords and strategically place them throughout the content and page. Do not stuff keywords into the content and page, this will only devalue the content and the site. Let them be organically placed. Be versatile with content; post blogs, pictures, videos, poll questions, and other creative content. This will help in creating a following of your site and its updates.

User Experience:

Websites need to have an eye catching design with low clutter. Make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for. Make the websites message clear immediately, don’t assume the consumer will delve deep into the “about” or “contact” section. Instead intrigue the visitor with quality content and originality, from there the average consumer will be more susceptible to travel deeper into the site. Pages should be linked to one another based on similarity to give the option to the user to explore. A seamless transition through the sites assets that provide clarity and direction will improve the amount of conversions the website will generate. Efficiency is key within a website.

Speedometer for blog performancePerformance:

This goes back to the user experience as well. How fast is the site? Does everything transition into another without fault? The site needs to be interconnected so that a user will not get lost or become frustrated by not being able to find what they are pursuing.

Link Authority:

How many people linking to this sie? The more outside sources that organically link to your site the more authority your site will gain. Buying links will only damage the site and will punish the ranking in the long term. Same with farming links. The more links through other reputable websites (most authoritative being .edu and .gov sites), blogs, and social media sites will improve link authority and page ranking.


Remember to optimize all of your secondary sites, your social media sites, blogs, and microsites. These are tools you can use to increase the exposure of you content, increase link authority, and an increase in audience.


Keywords need to be placed in several locations, but do not over use or stuff keywords within the site. Areas for keywords:

    1. Domain Name
    2. URLs
    3. PagesBlack Key
    4. Page Descriptions and Meta Descriptions
    5. Blog Posts
    6. Blog Tags
    7. Images
    8. Links
    9. Content
    10. Titles – H1 H2

Before engaging in online marketing make sure to do an analysis of the site and look for any areas that could be improved. There are always opportunities to increase exposure with a website. We’re not trying to game or trick search engines, rather perfecting the website, creating a virtual company storefront. When the storefront is clean, organized and enticing it will improve the amount of people that come in to learn more. For more about First Click Inc and the services we provide, please continue you to learn more about SEO and our services

Learning the Search Engine Basics

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Search Engine Optimization – What is it and Why is it Important?

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO to many, is the pivotal aspect of online marketing and website development. SEO is constantly changing and evolving as Google sets new algorithms in place to affirm their search engine performance and dominance. As online marketing and SEO practitioners, we have to stay at the cutting edge of techniques to continue to develop an online presence.

How do we handle and manage SEO? Here are a few practices that every website should incorporate.

Complete Website

Now this is where many companies actually miss their opportunity to be ranked within search engines. They don’t focus enough of their time on the home website. Sites need to be complete and fulfilling for the visitor; a clear sense of direction and communication for all those that land on a page. When traffic begins to visit, it should be clear to them where everything is and what is being offered. If it becomes confusing people are inclined to leave and look for another site that gives them the path of least resistance.

When monitoring a site, make sure these aspects are completed:

  • Website URLs- Make sure they are relevant to the page and consumers.
  • Page Titles – Explains the page in a few words.
  • H1, H2 – Optimized for key focus of the page.
  • Meta Description – Brief description that potential visitors will see when in search engines.
  • No Dead Ends – Pages should always lead to another aspect of the site or third party assets.
  • Sitemap – Optimize pages by importance.
  • Engaging Design – Avoid the bland and boring. Make sure you’re excited and energetic in displaying your website

Cloud of Social Media Tools

Social Media Integration

The world has become more digital and connective since the birth of the internet. We have thirsted on the ideas of how we can connect even more effectively than we do now. Anyone can become famous with the right use of social media and clever marketing. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored by any company searching to increase revenue and visibility. Social media may not be your primary for generating sales but it will definitely help gain awareness and traffic to your product, if managed correctly.

Best social media practices:

  • Finding the Right Platform – There is an endless amount of social media platforms, pick the ones that can best benefit the company.
  • Completing the Profile – Make sure every aspect of the social profile is filled out.
  • Consistency – Create a schedule of posts that will be manageable. Social profiles fail without consistency.
  • Brand Image – Uphold a brand image across every platform.
  • Engaging Content – Create posts and updates that are engaging and entertaining for the viewer.


Content Creation

This may be last on the list, but know that this is the fuel that runs the online marketing motor. Without creative and quality content, there is no way to build an organic follow. Now organic content can be photos, questions, videos, blogs, news articles, etc… The key to organic content is caring about what is being produced. Do not make content for marketing sake, but for educational and informational purpose. Content that is well designed, shows quality and speaks to the target audience will be far more affective when trying to improve reach and exposure.

Content Creation Tips:

  • Keywords – Make sure there is a focus of the article, use and place a target keyword or Keyphrase.
  • Organic/Quality – Content pieces have to be organic, not copied material or overly recycled content.
  • Consistency – Have a plan that will be easy to have content streamlined to publication
  • Social Integration – Share content with social media to increase exposure
  • No Duplications – Content cannot be blatantly reused without modifications. Recommend all content be organic


More to come from us here at First Click Inc. This was just a brief overview of some broad excerpts of search engine optimization and SEO techniques. We will go further in depth on concepts in this article and others in the future.

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